Centrally located, the historic Hambleton House is the home for the Dryden Museum with over 10,000 artifacts in its collection. You will find Archaic culture or “Old Copper Culture” cold-hammered tools such as spear points, knives, fish hooks, soapstone pipes, hammer tools, hide scrapers and trade axes dating back 4,000 years. Learn and understand the historical progression of Dryden and surrounding area with the permanent displays of our pioneers in a pioneer kitchen, bedroom, history of wash day, blacksmith shop, and the Pitt general store. Take a walk back into a 50’s kitchen exhibit, or view the children’s toy exhibit and see for yourself just how much technology has changed the day to day living of our people.

Travelling exhibits are brought in from the Royal Ontario Museum, visit us to find out what is currently on display while you capture the rare viewing of “The Dryden Buck”, unofficially an Ontario record whitetail deer shot in 2003 scoring 192 7/8 on the Boone and Crockett scale.