Nature Trails

Explore the naturally woven trails of historic stands of aspen, birch, jack pine, balsam and spruce, and venture through the scarred remnants of bare Canadian Shield rock left behind by glaciers. Experience the growth of nature at it’s best in wetlands found in our parks and city. The habitat for 26 species of warblers along with so many other wetland amphibians, mammals, birds, flowers and mosses. All of this nestled in the vast ecosystems supported where old growths of white or red pine trees and natural wetlands are found.

Mountain Biking Trails

The Ghost Lake Riding Trails offer intermediate and advanced riders a sense of freedom and complexity in the wilderness on existing bush roads and forest trails. The interconnecting 22 km of trails run through all aspects the forest has to offer from rocky bedrock outcrops to wetlands and swamps mixed within a mature deciduous and coniferous forest. Ghost Lake is a staging lake for up to 200 Common Loons. The loons begin gathering in September, molt and are flightless until freeze up. The trails make a tremendous bird watching and wildlife viewing opportunity as they cover a great variety of habitats.

Walking Recreation Routes

Summer and winter you can stretch your legs! Indoor and Outdoor routes available from beginner to advanced. Choose from the Urban Trail, Signature Trail, Nature in the City or one of 12 walking trails. Indoor walking programs are available all year long.

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